New Student Photo Series 2011 – Post #16

With seven weeks until the start of classes we still have plenty of time for incoming students to submit photos for posting on the blog.  See this entry for details.

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Eric Smyth, incoming MIA student.

Jalokhel village, Kapisa province, Afghanistan

Sunrise over the Alasay valley during a joint operation with US, French, Romanian, and Afghan military and civilians. The operation improved security in several villages at the mouth of the valley and greatly improved the ability to travel safely along the main road through the province. The operation also provided an opportunity for civil affairs teams to assess the needs of the villages for future development projects.

Maktab bazaar, Kapisa province, Afghanistan

A young Afghan “reads” a local newspaper produced and distributed with assistance from the French military. While literacy is still low in the area, the newspapers are an important means of disseminating information from the local government (third after radio and word of mouth)..

Shura with the elders of Sultakhel village. This was one of the first meetings between coalition forces and elders in this remote village in eastern Kapisa province. Water and seeds for crops were the most prominent concerns of the eldars. Arbitration services and improved road access to the markets in the lower valley were also requested.

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Savanna Honerkamp-Smith, incoming MPA-DP student.

All of these photos are from my Peace Corps service in Honduras. The majority were taken at my site, a small coffee community in the mountains called Las Crucitas.

Doña Sara at her house. (note the chicks inside)

Men loading light posts on a truck for the town’s electricity project.

Boys at the plaza on their way to do errands.