New Student Photo Series 2011 – Post #13

Incoming MIA student Jesse Wolfe, who plans on studying International Security Policy, sent along the following text and photos.  Enjoy.

All three photos were taken in Arghandab District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

Photo 1 (Polling Site): This was a former school being used as a polling site for the Afghan parliamentary elections in 2010. There were 12 men who showed up to cast a vote at this center on election day and 6 of those were paid election monitors.

Photo 2 (ANCOP 1): An Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP) officer assisting with election security.

Photo 3 (Arghandab Malik): This is Hajji Baridad a prominent malik in a key district of Kandahar Province. He was assassinated by the Taliban recently because he had been working closely with the Afghan district governor and US forces to bring projects to his village. He had helped generate one of the first (and controversial) Afghan Local Police (ALP) forces in Arghandab with the support of US Special Forces.