SIPA News – Non-State Actors

The latest issue of SIPA News is now available.  The magazine is published twice per year and features articles written by students and faculty at SIPA.   Incoming students will have the opportunity to contribute ideas and content for future issues.  Information on how to do so will be communicated in the coming months.

The topic for this issue is Non-State Actors.  The following is part of the introduction written by Dean Coatsworth:

“Non-state actors” are nongovernmental organizations that participate in the public arena but do so with goals, policies, structures, and leaders that are not directly determined by governments. They are almost always “political” in the broad sense that they seek to substitute for or supplement public policies they deem ineffective, challenge and reshape policies they wish to change, or make use of publicly defined spaces to promote a cause or secure a benefit. Non-state actors include local NGOs and international corporations, trade unions and trade associations, banks that are too big to fail, and opposition groups too small to survive. Non-state actors do not exist in a stateless vacuum. Their activities are often regulated, encouraged, or suppressed by the power of governments. Taken together, nonetheless, they constitute an emerging global civil society of immense complexity and influence.

Some of the articles in this issue include:

  • WikiLeaks and Westphalia
  • Awakening India’s Young Voters
  • Twitter Revolutions? Old and New Media in the Middle East and North Africa
  • New York Education Nonprofits Create Synergies for Success
  • Business and the State: A New University Challenges the Status Quo in Russia
  • Egypt’s Youth on the Frontline of the Revolution

The full magazine is available for viewing as a PDF by clicking here.  All previous issues of SIPA News can also be viewed on line by clicking here.