Fall 2012 Admission Notes

If you are a prospective student you might have noticed a trend in the blog posts over the past few months.  For the most part blog posts in the late spring and summer are directed at those that have applied and received admission to the program.  Much of the blog content will still be geared in this direction throughout the summer, however information regarding the application process is going to start becoming more prevalent, especially near the end of the summer.

There never is really a slow time in our office, we are always busy and much of the summer is spent preparing for the next admission season.  The summer tasks we are engaged in include making updates to our application, getting our computer systems set up, and planning our recruitment schedule.  Here are just a few notes on the application process for fall 2012 admission.

First, SIPA no longer offers spring admission.  If you are interested in applying to SIPA you must submit an application for fall consideration.  The application deadline for fall admission will be January 5th, 2012 and the application will open on September 1st, 2011. Spring admission involved some complications that did not result in the most satisfying student experience so the Admissions Committee made the decision to do away with spring admission.

Second, I will be posting announcements regarding the application over the summer.  For example, the Admissions Committee is discussing changes to the personal statement questions and when we have decided on what questions to ask, I will post an update on the blog.

Third, representatives of SIPA will be engaging in both domestic and international travel in the fall.  When the travel schedule firms up I will post updates here as well.

Fourth, when summer wraps up and students return from their internships, we will feature a number of entries written by students that should provide great insight into the professional development aspect of SIPA.

All this and more will be sprinkled in over the summer and early fall so stay tuned.  On a final note and as mentioned above, we hope to have our new application live on September 1st.  If you wish to get an idea of the requirements, click here for a recap of the process last year.  We will be changing a few things but for the most part the process will remain similar.