New Student Photo Series 2011 – Post #6

More photos from incoming students . . .

My name is Carolina Ocampo-Maya, an incoming MPA-DP from Colombia.  I have been a sustainable development practitioner during the last five years, and every day my work is more focused on sustainable agriculture and rural development.  I am passionate about rural areas and I want to share with you photos that I believe illustrate the beauty of the countryside.

Each cup of coffee has a story behind.  Here two typical Colombian coffee workers, rural people who need pertinent policies to attend their needs.  These are the people who inspire me every day.

Children from a rural community in Cartagena, Colombia.  Since they don’t have little toy cars (forget about remote control carts), they have attached LIVE crabs to strings!!!

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Yuchen PENG, incoming MPA student – This photo was taken last year when I was at NYC.