New Student Photo Series 2011 – Post #5

Photos from incoming students continue to roll in.  Enjoy.

Name: Nameera Nuzhat

Admission in: MPA

Pictures taken in: Bangladesh

The Bengali New Year known as “Pohela Boishakh” is celebrated very big in Bangladesh by people of all religions and caste in union. As opposed to the western New Year where celebrations begin at midnight, the Bengali ritual is to rejoice at the break of dawn with traditional dance, music and food. This is at six thirty in the morning when performers and audience gathered for some entertainment, “Pohela Boishakh” style.

Little ones are super excited and dressed up in Sarees to perform in shows celebrating the arrival of spring. “Bashonti” (yellow and Orange) is the color of “Boshonto” (spring) and everyone around the country dress in yellow attire on the first day of the month of “Falgun” to welcome spring and youth.

Weavers of Roopganj (literally means the village of beauty), beside the Shitalakkhya river are the only people apt at making this special kind of fabric called Dhakai Jamdani. A saree (six metres of fabric) of such intricacy takes about 3 months to make and draws about  US $ 350 at a fine store/ boutique. Sadly the poor weavers have to be satisfied with $ 80 at most for a piece that is sold for so much higher.


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Name:  Tanita María Preston Bertie.

Program:  MPA

My hand – Taken by my other hand in Lahore, Pakistan, on December 27th. As women inside the house got prepared to attend the wedding – main purpose of the trip –  the streets were adorned with marching women remembering Benazir Bhutto.  This picture always makes me remember too.

Sunrise in the Atlantic ocean on a regatta to San Blas, Panama. I have no words

I just like this picture. Nature framing nature, I took this one scuba diving in the Cayman Islands … by the way…love Scuba Diving!