Summer Reading – Part 5

Our summer reading series continues.  The first part of the entry contains information from a few more incoming students and a list of recent posts from faculty and current students follows.

New Students to Follow or Read

Anna Edgerton (Incoming MIA, dual degree with Journalism)

Twitter: @AnnaEdge4

Recently published on the World Policy Journal website Full project:

My article:

Aly Jiwani (Incoming MIA)

Pakistan’s Brewing Sectarian War (Foreign Policy Magazine)

Wendy Lee (Degree Program: Dual Degree MPA from LSE)

Twitter: @wleerpcv

Personal Blog:

Peace Corps Blog:

Aarti Ramachandran (Incoming MIA) 

I blog for the Foreign Policy Association on topics related to India.

Other Reading Opportunities – SIPA Faculty and Students

The Bad, the Bad-ass, the Badassilisks: A final project by Emiko Araki, Julia Charavoine, Feng Feng and Jennifer Wilmore in Craig Duff’s multiplatform storytelling course.

Hassan Abbas was interviewed by the Council on Foreign Relations: “A Low in Cycle of U.S.-Pakistan Ties.” He also blogs at the Asia Society and Watandost.

John Lyman guest-posts on “Pakistan-U.S. Relations Going Forward” at The Morningside Post, SIPA’s student-run blog.

Steven Cohen: “The Return of Drill, Baby, Drill” at The Huffington Post.

Gary Sick analyzes President Obama’s speech on the Middle East at his blog Gary’s Choices.

Rebecca Wexler (MIA ’11) writes, “Amateur Aid Causes Trouble in Haiti” at Writing About War, Thanassis Cambanis’ graduate seminar blog.

Polly Cleveland writes, “From Public Meat Markets to Derivatives Markets” at Dollars & Sense.

Stuart Gottlieb comments on the announcements by Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump at The Arena, Politico’s daily debate with policymakers and opinion shapers.

Howard Friedman writes, “Discrimination in Plain View: Walking out of a Restaurant” at The Huffington Post.

Michelle Chahine (MIA ’12) and a few SIPA students try to define “ambition” at her blog First Generation.

John Mutter talks about “Growing a Better Bike” at OnEarth.