New Student Photo Series 2011 – Post #3

The new student photo series continues!  If you have sent photos, thank you and we will work on posting.  If  you have yet to send photos see this entry for details.

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Name: Annalisa Liberman

Degree Program: MPA

Photo Location: Casas Viejas and surroundings, Santa Rosa, Guatemala

Photo Descriptions:

All of these photos were taken in or near the town I’ve called home for the past two years (2009-2011) as Peace Corps volunteer in a rural coastal town in southwestern Guatemala. Unlike what you find in Cindy Hollenberg’s Guatemalan photos, I live in a mostly ladino community with less Mayan influence. I feel the contrast speaks to the vast cultural diversity of this small developing country.

The shot labeled “Feria” was taken at a neighboring town fair. The carousel worker is resting during the mid morning lul while the locals sleep off their “gomas” or hangovers from the previous evening’s baile.

One morning I woke up to this “Hogtied Croc” on the family carport. My host father, Fernando, occasionally works nights packing shrimp for export. The previous eve this croc had made its way to the shrimp farm in search of an easy dinner where Nando wrestled, hogtied and trucked it home with him. He later sold it for Q2,000 ($250) to Auto Safari Chapin.

The last shot is of a Guatemalan playing soccer on the beach at sunset. Everyone knows the importance of fútbol worldwide. No further explanation necessary.

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Dylan Meagher – Incoming MIA

I took this in southern Laos in 2007.  I stumbled on this woman pounding rice during a short guided tour through the country side.  I thought I could help out, but after a minute I realized I was doing anything but helping.

I took this in Vientiane, Laos in 2007.  An interesting view of Vientiane, and I just love the symmetry of the photo.

I took this picture at The Museum for Peace in Green Island, Taiwan in 2010.  The Museum is a former prison where thousands of political prisoners were held over decades.  Many of them never made it out of the prison, though the exact number is unclear.  I found this series of paintings particularly powerful for how they contrast anime, or manga, animation with horrific subjects.