Summer Reading – Part 4

This is a continuation of our summer reading series.  Once again, if you are an incoming student that will be starting classes in September and want to give people the ability to read or follow you, send an email with your name, degree program, and blog/Twitter/web addresses where you can be found to with the title – Summer Reading.

Here is a cumulative list of those that have submitted information to date.

Pablo Alfaro (Incoming MPA)

Twitter Account: @pfalfaro (in Spanish)

Beibei Bao (Incoming MIA)

ENDLESS ROAD IN CHINA: FROM COUNTRY TO CITY AND BACK, Published by World Policy Journal (original link but requires an account) (free link to the complete story)

IN CHINA, AN EARNEST APPEAL FOR MERCY KILLING, Published by United Press International

Radoslava Dogandjieva (Incoming MPA-DP)


Rafael Merchan (Incoming MPA-DP)


Erin O’Reilly (Incoming MPA-DP)



Ramón Peña-Franco (Incoming MPA)

Twitter account: @ramonpenafranco