New Student Photo Series 2011 – Post #1

Today the blog kicks of the third annual new student summer photo series.  We welcome incoming students to submit photos and details about how to do so and what to include can be found in this entry.  It does take us a bit of time to post photos so if you do not see yours, rest assured we will work them into the rotation.  Thanks!

This first set of photos was submitted by Cindy Hollenberg, an incoming MPA student.  All photos were taken in Guatemala (2009).
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The first two photos attached were taken in a small town (Almolonga)  outside of Quetzaltenango (aka Xelaju) at a parade for their annual  festival honoring their patron saint.

The Alomonga Queen and her King – note the traditional dress of the  Mayan people.

Alomonga parade – little boys show off their “step.”  Interesting  to note the cowboy flavor (but a formal variety) of these little guys’ costumes.

I worked at a women’s cooperative in Quetzaltenango for a couple of  weeks, where I learned traditional weaving.  This is me weaving a scarf  for my partner.  I 32 inch by 6 inch scarf took me about 22 hours to  complete – and that was AFTER the women at the cooperative set up the  loom for me!  Nice ones produced by the women there cost about US $8.  They can make one scarf in a day.  A big problem with the work is back  problems.

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This next set of photos is from Keenan Mahoney, an incoming MIA student.
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Photos from Paris

La Basilique du Sacre-Cœur:  Photo of the amazing architecture of the basilica taken from around back, where you’ll typically find yourself separated from the rest of the mob of tourists.

Père Lachaise:  Photo of one of the many streets in the very famous cemetery, home to the likes of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and the rich and famous of Paris.

Les Jardins du château de Versailles – A quiet spot in the gardens, which is a nice relief from the wall-to-wall people inside the château.