New Student Photo Series – 2011 Edition

I do not have a bucket list, but if I did one thing on it would be to take a photography class. I have always enjoyed taking photos, including the “old days” when you had to wait to see your pictures because there was film that needed to be processed.

I remember my monthly ritual of when I lived in Korea.  Once a month I would develop photos to send home to my family.  There was no Internet and unlike today you could not snap a photo with your smart phone and deliver it to anyone in the world within a matter of seconds.  And yes, the walk to the photo lab was uphill both ways too, in a driving monsoon or snowstorm depending on the season.

Each year students from close to 100 different countries enroll at SIPA.  For the past few years we have encouraged new students to submit pictures for publishing on the blog and it has been a great success.  New students, now is your time.  You may submit photos of anything you wish.  Travel photos, artistic photos, event photos, photos of yourself . . . anything you wish to share. I will then post them to this blog for all to enjoy.

I have Photoshop so I can re-size the photos as necessary so you don’t have to worry about size.  We typically post 2-3 photos per student so I would say the maximum number to send along for consideration would be five.

To participate simply send along your photos as attachments to this address: Do note that it can take a while for us to post them so we appreciate your patience.

Please include the following when submitted your pictures:

  • Your Name
  • Your Degree Program (MIA, MPA, MPA-DP)
  • Where the photo was taken
  • A brief description of the photo

I’ll get the process started with a few of my own. This photo was taken in the summer of 1994 in Pusan, South Korea. I liked the juxtaposition of the modern, plastic, corporate icon Ronald McDonald and the older gentleman in traditional Korea garb.

This picture was taken in the 50th Street Subway station of the A-C-E line in Manhattan in October of 2004. For a period of months I did a series on discarded coffee cups around the city. I entitled this one, “Separation Anxiety.”

My wife and I recently visited Venice and this was a shot taken from the water bus the night we arrived – Venice is magical both day and night.

Hopefully this gives incoming students out there some inspiration and I look forward to receiving your photos so I can post them to the blog for all to see. Once again, send them to with the details listed above.