Message Board – Alive and Kicking

This is a reminder to new students that the message board referenced on the welcome page is, and will continue to be, a great resource to reference.  Relevant questions and inquiries continue to roll in to our email box, and there is a plethora of information on the message board that relates to most of the inquiries.

Content on the message board is driven by newly admitted students and current students.  Therefore most of the content is very practical.  Specific administrative questions can continue to be emailed to our office, however if you are looking for information relevant to the student experience I highly recommend using the message board as a resource and communication tool.

For example, many new students are emailing us about housing.  A enterprising new student actually created a Google Document that everyone has access to for people seeking roommates.  It does not get much more practical than that.  If you wish to view the document, open the Housing folder in the message board and view the thread labeled, “SIPA 1st years looking for roommates.”

Do note that the last day of classes at SIPA was May 2nd and finals will finish up today, May 13th.  Therefore current student participation is likely to slow down, but do not let that keep all the new students from keeping the message board active.  Instructions for logging in to the message board are included on the Welcome Page.  Welcome Page log in information is in your admission letter.