Academic Calendar

Some recently admitted applicants have been asking questions about the academic calendar.  If you want to see what the next two years are going to look like for the most part all you have to do is click here.  You can view both the 2011-12 and 2012-13 calendars.

Do note that not every single event will be listed.  For example the calendar lists the University graduation ceremonies, but not the SIPA graduation ceremonies.  This year for example SIPA will have its graduation ceremony on May 14th (Kofi Annan will be speaking) and then the main ceremony for all graduates takes place on May 18th.

Some specific events and occasions will be added as time progresses but the calendar as it stands now will give you a firm idea of holidays, breaks, and class start and end dates.  This will allow you to book tickets far, far in advance if you need to for travel and you can let family members and friends know of important dates.

Newly admitted students . . . you will turn your tassel from right to left at the main graduation ceremony on May 22, 2013!  The specific date of the SIPA graduation ceremony will not be released until sometime next year.