This and That

I actually left New York for two weeks and was happy to come back last week to some warmer temperatures.  We had a brutal winter and I am looking forward to enjoying some fun in the sun this summer.  The action will not stop on the blog in the next few months.  For those that have paid admission deposits, we really look forward to having you join us this coming fall.  Over the course of the next four months we will continue to pass on information and provide important enrollment details via the blog.  I thought I would hint at a few things we will elaborate more on soon.

SIPA is happy to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.  This program helps provide funding for those associated with the U.S. Military and we will post more information on how to apply soon.

SIPA offers a summer math tutorial that is free and easy to participate in.  All you need is an internet connection and some motivation.  Those that will be leading the math tutorial are meeting now and the goal is to have it rolling later this month.

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) at SIPA will have a summer email series focused on topics related to enrollment.  We in the Admissions Office gradually start to pass new students on to OSA over the course of the summer.

Related to the topic of OSA, the official hand off is when Admissions sends the admission file of each student up to OSA.  This means we will need to confirm that we have official transcripts and test scores on file.  We really have not put our full effort into this endeavor because our energies have been focused on finalizing the fall class.  Now that the class is coming into form we will spend more energy on tracking these documents and will be communicating with each applicant.

Stay tuned so you don’t miss anything.