Coming Soon – Summer Photo Series

SIPA students come from all over the world and have done all sorts of interesting things.  Many capture their adventures with cameras and each summer the Admissions Blog becomes a virtual art gallery.

This entry just serves as an encouragement to think about photos you have that you would like to post this summer.  It is a great way to share something about yourself with the rest of the incoming class.

Below are a few of the photos from last year long with the comments that those submitting the photos added.  In May I will send out an official invitation providing instructions to new students on how to submit photos for posting.


Lhasa, Tibet.  Kids breakdancing in the street. At one point while I was watching these kids break it down two older Tibetan women came by twirling their prayer wheels. They stopped and stared in bewilderment at these representatives of the next, younger generation. A clear sign of an odd cultural gap forming in this traditional land.

kids break dancing in lhasa

Wau Region of Southern Sudan. Children in Southern Sudan finally get a chance to return to normalcy albeit in very basic conditions. The school ground used to be a Church where children now gather under trees to learn. Resources are scarce and teachers lack the requisite training to assimilate newly enrolled repatriated children from neighbouring Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. It does not deter teachers and children from coming to school everyday with chairs and blackboards in 50 degrees heat – a truly inspiring sight!

fotos 107

Palestinian refugee camp – Sabra and Shatila in West Beirut. This child was one of the tens of thousands of refugees displaced from the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp near Tripoli by a conflict between the Lebanese Internal Security Forces and the Fatah al-Islam militant group. His face was painted as a show of support for “Palestinian solidarity”.


Ghana. I was working as a photographer and correspondent in Accra at the time. My colleagues and I spent a relaxing day on the beach one day and I saw those two local boys playing football, they were truly enjoying it.


This was taken in the early evening at the famous Angkor Wat. I love that you can spot a briefcase in one of the Monks hands.

Cambodia_Monks at Work

Namibia – Dune Cartwheel: I try to get someone to take a photo of me cartwheeling everywhere I travel, and this is one of my all time favorites – in the magnificent dunes in western Namibia.

dune cartwheel