The UN Studies Program: Working and Networking with the United Nations – Panel on April 6 in Room 1501 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM

One unique asset available to SIPA students is our UN Studies Program.  SIPA students have incredible opportunities to learn directly from those with UN experience and participate in unique programming and here is a great example.


Ever wonder what it feels like to work for the United Nations? Whether it is fulfilling or frustrating? Whether it matches the highest ideals of public service? Or whether it is just another bureaucratic institution? Well, thanks to the DAY @ the UN initiative launched this semester by the UN Studies Program, 42 lucky students were given the opportunity to gain more insight on what it means to work for the United Nations. Elizabeth Lindenmayer, former Assistant Secretary-General and director of SIPA’s UN Studies program organized this day.

From the office of the Secretary General to the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, from UNDP and UNICEF to DPA and UNWOMEN, from UNFPA to the Security Council, from UNCDF to the PBC, each student was given the opportunity to shadow one senior UN official for an entire day, attending meetings and negotiations, participating to teleconferences with the field or weighing in on policy planning among many others.

On April 6, 2011, students will share their experience during a Panel organized by the UN Studies Program in the presence of their hosts and other SIPA students. The Panel will take place on 420 W 118th street room 1501 from 6 to 8pm and will be followed by a reception creating yet another opportunity for students to thank their hosts, and of course, to network with the UN Community.  Those living in the NYC area are welcome to join.

In addition, on April 6 a group from the UN Studies Program will visit the United Nations Security Council to observe a debate on Haiti. Former President Bill Clinton, the UN’s Special Envoy for Haiti, will deliver a report, along with Haitian President Rene Preval.