Official Transcripts and Test Scores

We have started to get some emails about receipt of official transcripts and test scores so let me provide a bit of guidance.  We receive some test reports electronically and others via mail.  The vast majority are sent to us as electronic files and they are downloaded into a centralized Columbia University computer system.  We then have to sync that system with our admission software.  As you know, applicants self report test scores on the admission application and these are the scores we use for the review – not the official reports.

The process of getting official test scores into our system can take some time and we are still busy wrapping up the admission review process, managing the message board, preparing for Admitted Student Day, and responding to a flurry of emails on a variety of topics.  If you choose to enroll at SIPA we will need to confirm receipt of official test scores by June 15 so we have plenty of time.  We really do not actively start to undertake this process until after the date to pay a deposit passes (May 2nd).

I will provide some updates on the process in the near future and for now, if you feel you have submitted your official test scores and/or transcripts, we would just ask for your patience while we work on integrating this information into our system.

The process of submitting official transcripts is straightforward.  If you submitted official transcripts with your admission application rest assured we will be tracking them as official.  If you uploaded unofficial copies of your transcripts to our application Web site, then you will need to send official transcripts to our office by June 15th.  The address to send them to is:

Columbia SIPA – Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
420 West 118th Street
Room 408 – International Affairs Building
New York, NY 10027

Thanks again for your patience and if you asked that your test scores be reported to SIPA they are likely loaded into our campus mainframe, waiting patiently for us to sync them with our system.