Fall 2011 Admission Time Line and Welcome Page

The Admissions Committee continues to read/review at a fast and furious pace but we are happy to be nearing the end of the review process.  No decisions went out on Monday but our hope is to start publishing more today.  As always, check here for updates, however we cannot tell individuals when their decision will be ready to view.

I do want to provide those who have been admitted with a few reminders and give insight to those still waiting of what lies ahead in the future if you do receive an offer of admission.

First, please note that if admitted to SIPA you will be given a link to a Welcome Page in your admission letter.  The Welcome Page contains very important information regarding a variety of topics.  We have already received a large number of emails from admitted applicants with questions that are clearly answered on the Welcome Page.  We want admitted students to receive answers to questions as quickly as possible and reviewing the Welcome Page will most likely answer many questions admitted applicants might have.

For example, many applicants have emailed asking if they can interact with a current student.  The answer is yes and we make this easy by offering an internet message board that allows admitted applicants to interact with one another and with current students.   SIPA students will be on spring break from March 14th to 18th so traffic will likely be slow this week, however the board is live and waiting for admitted applicants to take advantage of.  How do you log in?  Details on are the Welcome Page.

Second, SIPA will host an Admitted Student Day on Tuesday, April 12th.  Admitted Student Day will take place on the Columbia Campus and it will be a full day event.  Professor Jeff Sachs will be giving a special talk during the lunch portion of Admitted Student Day.  How do you register?  Registration information is on the Welcome Page.  If you cannot attend, there are some resources available for those unable to attend . . . you guessed it, on the Welcome Page.

Third, May 2nd is the date by which admitted students must pay a deposit confirming enrollment for fall 2011.  The typical day is May 1st, but since May 1st falls on a Sunday we moved the response date to the next business day, Monday.

Fourth, a series of communications will be sent to admitted applicants and these messages will come from the sipa_admission@columbia.edu address.  Please ensure that your email client is set to receive messages from this account.  Faculty, current students, administrators, and alumni will all be included in the communication chain.

Fifth, if you are admitted you will need to ensure that official academic transcripts and official test reports are in our office no later than June 15th.  We will work with admitted applicants to determine if official copies of these documents were already provided to us during the application process.  What address should you send them too?  The address is listed on the Welcome Page.

Last, unfortunately applicants placed on the waitlist are unable to participate in admission related activities until an admission offer is made.  More details regarding the waitlist will be published on this blog in the future.  We will begin to “work” the waitlist in April and this process will often continue into the summer.

Thank you for your attention . . . now back to Committee meetings . . .