Spring Class Visitation Schedule

If you have plans on visiting SIPA in the near future you might be interested in attending a class.  Logistically some classes are better to visit than others and in an effort to assist we have published a class visitation schedule.  It is a good idea to let the faculty member teaching the class know that you are coming and the name and email of the professor are included on the list.

Also of note is that we have information sessions for the MIA and MPA two-year, full-time programs each Monday at 6:00 PM and each Friday at Noon.  Registration is required and if you are interested in attending please send a message to sipa_admission@columbia.edu.

As a reminder we will also be hosting an Admitted Student Day on Tuesday, April 12th and we are also working on putting together events in select cities so that admitted applicants can interact with SIPA alumni.  I will post more details here on the blog when they become available.