Alumni Notes #1: February 2011

Every so often I work with our Director of Alumni Affairs and I get highlights on what some of our alumni are doing.  I received a report from her earlier this week and started to digest it.  I decided to divide the information into two posts.  This first post covers three general sectors and the next post will cover NGOs, the United Nations, business, academia and think tanks.

Below are sector titles, names, program, graduation year, organizations, and titles.  Feel free to follow the links for related pages on those referenced.

Media and Technology

Na Eng – MIA 1999:  News and Documentary Producer, CNBC.

Omoyele  Sowore – MPA 2003:  Founder of

Claire Shipman – MIA 1994:  Senior National Correspondent, ABC News

Richard Smith – MIA 1969:  Chairman, Newsweek

Lan Yang – MIA 1996:  Sun Media Investment Holdings

Politics and Government

Bill de Blasio – MIA 1987:  New York City Public Advocate

Eric Garcetti – MIA 1995:  President, Los Angeles City Council

Patricia Haslach – MIA 1981:  Deputy Coordinator for Diplomacy of the Department of State’s Office of the Coordinator for the Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative, US Department of State

Shannon Lightner-Gometz – MPA 2001:  Deputy Director, Illinois Dept of Public health, Office of Women’s Health

Robert Scher – MIA 1991:  Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for South and Southeast Asia, U.S. Department of Defense

Chun Yung Woo – MIA 1994:  Korean Senior Presidential Secretary for Foreign Affairs and National Security, Korean Government.


Scott Campbell – MIA 1995:  Executive Director, Elton John AIDS Foundation

Richard Greenberg – MPA 2004:  President, The Fund for New Jersey.

Anisa Kamadoli Costa – MIA 1998:  President, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation

Ferry Pausch – MIA 2001:  Managing Director, Deutschlandstiftung Integration

Rita Soni – MIA 2001:  CEO, NASSCOM Foundation