White Out

I am not a meteorologist and I rarely watch local television news (I prefer the PBS NewsHour), however my highly unscientific observation is that it has snowed a great deal in New York City in the past month – seemingly more than any other year that I lived in New York City.

Normally after a storm the snow will entirely disappear after a few days, however one storm has followed another week after week and the city has thus been perpetually covered in snow for over a month.

I  posted some pictures after the blizzard that hit the day after Christmas and a few readers mentioned they liked the pictures.  It snowed yet again on Wednesday night and I took some more pictures on the way in to work Thursday.  Some of these were taken with my Blackberry so they are not the best quality, but I hope you enjoy them anyway. The main gate at 116th and Broadway has some statues and they were fashionably snowed on.

The trees on the main walk were pretty with the snow covering the branches.  Later the snow becomes pretty alarming when the temperature warms up and the snow crashes on top of unsuspecting pedestrians.

These are the same bikes I took a picture of last time, and I do not think many of them have moved.

Those of you that have visited the International Affairs Building might be familiar with the “fish bowl” that is a part of the main lobby.  It was covered in snow . . .

. . . and later on there were some SIPA students exhibiting joint cooperation by making a snow man to watch over the fish bowl.