Fall 2011 Applicant Facts Post #3

Okay, so this is not an earth shattering post in terms of truly meaningful information about the application process or the class we are considering, but every once in a while it is nice to go off the board a little.  I did something similar last year and thought about it again this year because once again I find myself in a similar situation.

Last year around the same time a friend was about to welcome a new baby into the world and he and his wife were trying to decide on a name.  They were thus running names by friends, taking suggestions, and doing research.  Not that you asked, but the name decided upon back then was Max.

Once again this year I find that someone I know is having a baby and finding a name came up again.  Thus I give you the top 10 first names of applicants this year . . . ladies first.

Top 10 Female Names

1.  Sarah

2.  Elizabeth

3.  Tie:  Emily, Maria

4. Jessica

5. Rebecca

6. Tie:  Jennifer, Lauren

7. Tie:  Alexandra, Danielle, Yang

8. Tie:  Laura, Samantha

9. Tie: Ashley, Jing

10. Tie:  Julia, Michelle

Top 10 Male Names

1. David

2. Michael

3. Benjamin

4. Tie:  Alexander, Christopher

5. John

6. Daniel

7. Robert

8. James

9:  Tie: Joseph, Matthew

10. Tie:  Bryan, Jacob, William