Fall 2011 Applicant Facts Post #2

Our first post related to application facts for fall 2011 was on citizenship, this second post covers some demographic and academic information.  I’m not trying to do any sort of analysis or point to anything specific with these facts, it just a window into the make up of those we will be reviewing in the coming weeks.

Applicants for the fall 2011 class are 61% female and 39% male.

The average age of our applicant pool for fall 2011 is 25.8.

Applicants hold degrees from 844 different colleges and universities.

The top five international universities represented by number of applicants are –

1. Peking University

2. Renmin University

3. Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

4. Fudan University

5.  University of Tokyo

The top five U.S. universities represented by number of applicants are –

1. University of California Berkeley

2. University of California Los Angeles

3. Georgetown

4. New York University

5. Boston University