Application Processing Update

I thought I would provide a status update on our processing of applications and I would like to start by saying that the Admissions Committee has not started meeting yet.  In short, we have not started reviewing applications for admission, we are still working very hard on reviewing applications for completion. So here is where we stand . . .

We have printed all of the applications submitted.  While this may sound strange to announce, it is a feat in the sense that all told applications probably represent close to 80,000 printed pages of information.  Printing 80,000 pages and then looking at each one to ensure readability and completion takes us a few weeks.  Do remember that just because you submitted a document or information online does not mean it will automatically be tracked as received. This is normal and full details on tracking were covered in this post (please review the post to familiarize yourself with how we track applications).

We have manually reviewed approximately 70% of the application submitted.  This means we have not even looked at 30% of the applications we have printed.  They are waiting patiently in large piles for us to review.  An application that has not been looked at is at no disadvantage in the admission consideration process.  We will start to assign files to reading teams soon and not all reading teams start reading at the same time – some start in January however some do not start until February. Thus we still have a few weeks before some readers will start reading which gives us time to review applications for completion.

I estimate that when we do complete our review of all printed applications, approximately 35% will still be labeled incomplete – which is where the matching process begins.  After we complete our first sweep through applications submitted and printed we will then go back and look to match documents that were not submitted on the application site.  The matching process takes us more time, but again, files completed a little later than others are at no disadvantage.

As we complete our review if we feel we need any additional information we will send out email messages.  Just because an application does not read complete on the application site does not mean we do not already have everything we need – it likely means that we just have not had the opportunity yet to view your application or search for necessary documents that were submitted and filed to await matching.

So, if you have not received a completion email from us at this point in time do not let it be a point of concern.  We have at least 8-10 more business days of work ahead of us in terms of certifying files as complete.