Five Business Days

It has been five business days since the application deadline passed and I want to provide an update to give some insight on how things are going.

As a reminder, we print application batches (explained here) and each batch can contain up to 600 pages of printed information.  We have printed 90% of the applications submitted.  Again, when an application is printed and completed is not important – it is important that all documents were submitted in a timely fashion.

We have manually reviewed roughly 50% of the applications submitted, and of those reviewed approximately 70% have been completed on the “first pass.”  By this I mean all of the required documents were submitted on line and printed all at once – thus making it incredibly easy to process.

Those that are not complete get set aside and filed for a “second pass” at a later time.  The reason is simple – we still have a great deal of unopened mail and searching for documents at this time is not a wise use of our time.  We do not penalize applicants that did not submit all of their documents on line, however it will take longer for us to indicate that your file is complete.

Our goal is to manually review all applications submitted as soon as possible and by the time we have done so I believe that roughly 65% will be complete on the first pass.  This will leave us with a substantial amount of work to do on matching documents.

Completing a file using the matching process takes much more time.  We have to comb through thousands of documents that are filed away and this is a very time intensive process.

If you have not received an email noting that your file is complete, there is no need to email our office. Once we complete our second pass, we will start sending emails if something is holding up the processing of your file.  We will contact you so we would ask that you resist the urge to contact us regarding the receipt of individual documents at this time.

Thank you again for your patience and I am extremely pleased with our progress after only five business days of processing – we are ahead of where I had hoped we would be.