Application PDF Preview Notes

We recently became aware of a slight issue I wanted to share concerning the PDF preview function on the application site.

Before you submit your application you will have the ability to preview it in PDF format.   On the PDF you have the ability to view prior to submitting your application certain applicants might see blank values in some of the fields, or incorrect values.  There is a bug in the system that is impacting the PDF and we have been unable to solve the issue.

For example, applicants to our MPA-DP program may see a blank value in Degree Program box and applicants that are required to submit TOEFL scores might not see a score value in one of the test score sections.  Also, the the concentration or specialization on the PDF may not match what you entered into the application.

We actually view a different PDF in our office and we are experiencing no errors with the PDF that we print to review your application. The errors are only happening in the preview mode for some applicants as they view the PDF on the application site.

In summary, while there is some value in previewing the PDF, if some of the values are not displayed or are not displayed correctly in these areas as you preview your application as a PDF, please do not let it concern you. As long as the information you enter on the application is correct and you view it as correct on the application itself all of the values will print correctly in our office.

We apologize for any inconvenience.