Meet Some “Staff” Members

It’s not surprising that our office is a busy place around the deadline and I thought I would take the opportunity to give you a window into our world by introducing a few “staff” members.  Each is invaluable to our operations in some way. First let me introduce a new staff member who is going to be very, very busy in the coming weeks, our HP 4015 printer – capable of 52 pages per minute.

Second, we have a temporary staff member who is going to play best supporting actor to our 4015.  Our HP Laserjet 8150 is ready and waiting should we have any difficulty with 4015.

Next we have several thousand staff members that are at the present time waiting patiently for their chance to participate in the admissions process.  Right now they are feeling a bit empty, but this feeling will not last long.  When they ride through our 4150 or 8150 they will soon be full of important information.  These staff members will journey outside of our office as they get handed around to Admissions Committee members.  We estimate that close to 60,000 of these staff members will participate in the process this year.

We have to make sure your papers stay together and we have two staff members that assist with this.  I can speak from experience when I say that using a manual stapler hundreds of times per day is a recipe for hand and wrist problems.  Thus we have an electric stapler to assist.

Some files are extremely large and your average stapler is not capable of securing all of the paper together.  For this task we have our heavy duty stapler that is capable of great feats of security.

The next two staff members can work individually or as a team.  I already drew my first blood of the application season a few days ago when as I stuck my hand into a drawer a rouge staple embedded itself about a 1/4 of an inch into one of my finger tips.  I hate the feeling you know is coming when you pull an embedded object out of your skin.  Both the first aid kit and the Ibuprofen are staff members that step up to the plate when needed.

Finally, meet a critical member of our staff that we could not do without.  Handling a great deal of paper during the admission process makes our next staff member a must.  Dry hands make it hard to file and collate so Lotion is “on hand” for usage.

I hope you enjoyed meeting these staff members . . . your application would not become complete with out them.