The Main Walk

Each day as I exit and enter our building on my bike commute to and from work I pass the “main walk.”  This is a pedestrian pathway through the central part of the University – what would be 116th street.  The path always seems to be filled with pedestrians no matter the time of day and this time of year it is illuminated with lights.

Lenny Pridatko is a current SIPA student that takes a great interest in photography.  He shared the following photograph with our office.  It has not snowed a great deal this year, but this photo from last year captures the essence of a snowy night.

I have spent the last few days submitting an application of my own to SIPA so I know exactly what you as an applicant are seeing as you submit the application.  I will be using my research to put together an entry that explains how you can track your application and what you will see on our site as we process your application.  As the days pass I will also provide updates on what is going on in our office and I will continue to answer common questions so stay tuned.