Earth Institute Practicum

One of the tremendous advantages of attending SIPA is the vast array of resources available through Columbia University.  There are numerous institutes and centers to learn from along with the ability to cross register for classes across the university.  Each year SIPA students take close to 700 non-SIPA courses.  This provides students with a great way to built their resume, increase their network, and learn from other world class faculty.

Current SIPA student Beatriz Guillén wrote the following post on her experience with The Earth Institute.


One of the best things at SIPA is its comprehensive course offering. You can take classes in all Columbia’s graduate faculties: at the Law school, at Teachers College, or at the Business School, for example.  Among the courses I am taking this semester there is one of special interest “The Earth Institute Practicum”, a Law school course taught by Earth Institute faculty members. Every week an expert working at the Earth Institute at Columbia teaches a class related to their field of expertise, providing a broad picture of the comprehensive work they are doing at the institute. Students are expected to read the articles posted online for each specific topic to stimulate discussion.

The first class, taught by Cheryl Palm, Roseline Remans and Sean Smukler, dealt with the interrelation between food, ecology, nutrition, and health and an analysis of tropical agriculture.

Other professors teaching the class this semester include  Andrew Juhl, Ajit Subramaniam, Kathy Callahan will address the Oil Disaster in the Gulf, Steven Cohen will speak on environmental management, Marc Levy on Haiti reconstruction, and Jeffrey Sachs on sustainable development.