New Student Photo Series 2010 – Post #30

We had one more entry for our student photo series sneak in . . . it got past me with the start of Orientation.  This submission comes from Martha Chahary an incoming MIA student.

1st Photo (‘104 degrees Niger): This photo was taken in March 2006 on a spring break trip to Niger. The parched land is located outside a village in the western part of Niger called Bankilare. Villages were digging this ground to create a deep pool that would collect water during the rainy season. The ground was incredible hard and dry, and this wasn’t even during a year of drought.

104 degrees Niger

2nd Photo (‘baltic sea poland’): This is a photo taken off the coast of northern Poland in 2008 on in an inlet in the Baltic Sea.

baltic sea poland

3rd Photo (‘Ile Goree Senegal’):  This photo was taken a couple months ago on what used to be a slave island off the coast of Senegal, Ile Goree. The architecture and colors on this island are warm and beautiful. The island is protected by UNESCO but is inhabited and much of the locals make money off tourism.

Ile Goree Senegal