Go Live Date for Admission Application

I wanted to take an entry to provide a quick update regarding our spring 2011 and fall 2011 application for admission.  It was our goal to have the application live by August 15th, however we still have some testing that we need to complete this coming Monday so the “go live” date will be August 17th.

This slight delay in filling out the application should not delay you in learning about the requirements to apply. We have posted all of the details regarding what is required on this web site:


You may get started on your responses to the personal statement topics/questions and compose the two required resume documents because you will be uploading these documents to your application. You can also start on requesting transcripts, contacting those that you will ask to write letters of recommendation, and study for the necessary standardized exams if you have not already taken them.

The process of filling out the application itself is relatively simple and should take no more than an hour, so it is not the “hard part.”  Filling out the application is easy and when it is live and ready to go I will post another announcement.

Thank you.