NYC Century Bike Tour and SIPA

The student government at SIPA is known as SIPASA and enrolled students will find plenty of opportunities to get involved in events of all kinds during their two years at SIPA.  One event taking place this coming September that SIPASA will be participating in is the NYC Century Bike Tour.

For those that like to ride but might not be excited about riding 100 miles, there are shorter options during the ride so do not think that joining means you have to ride the whole 100 miles, or 160.9344 kilometers for most of you that follow the metric system.

I rode the whole 100 miles once and it was a great ride.  NYC has no real hills to speak of so you do not have to worry about any grueling climbs.  Here are the details.  Contact Laura Baringer lb2645[at] for details.

What: NYC Century Bike Tour – A relaxed cycling tour of the city

When: September 12- all day

Cost: $55 (discounted ticket- I promise it’s worth it) + bike rental, if needed

How: Register online

**contact Laura Baringer for team details and discount code

Why:  Be part of the SIPA team!

Contacts: Laura Baringer (lb2645) and Lauren Quillian (lq2125)

If you’re new to the city or a seasoned New Yorker, join your fellow SIPAites for this year’s NYC Century Bike Tour.  Cycling your way through Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, it’s a completely different and unique way to see the city.   You can choose your distance and speed, so its good for all levels of cyclists!  Not to mention the plethora of rest stops and great company along the way.

As part of the SIPA team, you’ll be able to see the sites with other students and one designated route leader.  SIPA route leaders will be available for the 35 and 55 mile rides.