New Student Orientation Schedules

Mandatory orientation for new students joining for fall 2010 starts on Monday, August 30th.  The schedules have been released by the Office of Student Affairs and I am happy to share the schedules here.  MPA-DP Orientation details will be made available during the required MPA-DP “Getting Started Program” that commences on August 16th.

Questions such as the following, and many more, will all be answered during Orientation:

  • When do I register for classes?
  • How do I register for classes?
  • How many courses can I take per term?
  • When/how do I declare my concentration?
  • Are certain prerequisites required for particular courses?
  • Can/should I register for language courses?
  • How do I access career services?
  • Can I use facilities across campus?
  • Who do I talk to/where do I go if I need medical attention?
  • What safety services are available?

Plenty of returning students will be available, there are sure to be events in the evenings that are not part of the official schedule, and faculty/administrators will be available as well.  Business casual attire should be worn during Orientation.  We look forward to seeing new students soon and here are the schedules:

MIA Orientation Schedule

MPA Orientation Schedule