New Student Photo Series 2010 – Entry #21

The fall semester is rapidly approaching . . . hard to believe how fast the summer is going here in the Office of Admissions.  We continue to get great photos from incoming students and welcome new students to keep sending them.  See this post for details.

Today’s photos were submitted by Susmita De, and incoming MPA-DP student.


This was taken in the early evening at the famous Angkor Wat. I love that you can spot a briefcase in one of the Monks hands.

Cambodia_Monks at Work
China – Dali manicure: While traveling through southern China in a small fishing village just outside of Dali, I saw several women with their fingers highlighted in orange. When I asked what it was for, they said that it was a bit of a beauty treat, in preparation for the evening’s annual Torch Festival (the celebration honoured a famous General who sacrificed himself in a fire in order to save the people of Dali).

China_Dali Manicure

Namibia – Dune Cartwheel: I try to get someone to take a photo of me cartwheeling everywhere I travel, and this is one of my all time favorites – in the magnificent dunes in western Namibia.

dune cartwheel