New Student Photo Series 2010 – Entry #15

We still have more than a month for new students to submit photos for posting, details here.


The photos today come from Kris Capella, an incoming MIA student.


Taken in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania.  I think Cheetahs are wonderfully beautiful animals, and we were fortunate to come across a couple as we were leaving the park.  We had plenty of time to watch them because they ambled into the middle of the road and there was no way around them!

Taken in Stone Town, Zanzibar.  This is an example of the Indian style of extremely elaborate doors that adorn the homes of many wealthy people on Zanzibar.  By far the most picturesque doors I’ve ever seen!

Taken at the soccer field near the school where I taught as a Peace Corps volunteer for three years in Mashati, Tanzania.  This was the ad-hoc cheering squad for our school at one of the many football (yes, I tried hard to unlearn the word “soccer” from my vocabulary) matches I watched over the years.