New Student Photo Series 2010 – Entry #14

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The photos today come from Marissa Polnerow, an incoming MIA student.


Macedonia, 2009

This series of photos captures a day in the life of a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Macedonia.  The shots were taking during a hike from my apartment in Prilep to the 13th-century mountaintop monastery of Treskavec.  The monastery is a timeless and remote gem, adorned with Byzantine frescoes, open to guests to stay however long they desire.  The early morning scene of a goat is followed by a foggy view of Macedonia’s lush hilltops.  The sign reads “cheshma,” and leads to an old fountain.  In the final shot, my friend Darko and I rest beside the monastery, where we stay the weekend with friends and Treskavec’s welcoming Orthodox Monk, Kalist.