New Student Photo Series 2010 – Entry #13

Here are the latest in our new student photo submissions.  If you are an incoming student please see this entry for details on how to submit your own photos.


The first set of photos were submitted by Mai Shintani, an incoming MIA student who grew up in Kauai, Hawaii.


The baobab tree never fails to amaze me. While in the Gambia with the Peace Corps, my assignment was serving as an environment volunteer, in a dry barren landscape, these trees were my only hope of sending the important message of tree planting to the Gambian youth.


I have been a dancer since age 4, mostly sharing the aloha spirit through dance . . . and during my time in the Peace Corps.


These tortoises were HUGE!!! Seeing these guys, reminded me how amazing and precious mother nature is.

turtle 192___________________________
The second set of photos were submitted by Diana Carolina Pereira from Colombia, an incoming MIA  student who will be studying International Security Policy.


This first picture was taken in one of our military forts during and activity of the Ministry of National Defense where I work called Soldier for One Day. This is me standing by one of the helicopters used to rescue 15 members of our military, one former presidential candidate and 3 american citizens kidnapped by FARC guerrillas and held for 10 years in the jungle.

As part of the activities of Soldier for One Day, we receive training in areas such as parachuting. This is me with the equipment ready to make a jump from a 14 meter tower. I was the first to go and it was great.

To change the subject, this is a picture taken from a boat in Cartagena, Colombia on our way to Islas del Rosario. These are two men that catch shrimp, preparing it right there as “ceviche” to be sold to passing tourist boats. Doesn’t get any fresher than that.