New Student Photo Series 2010 – Entry #11

I continue to be amazed by the photos submitted by incoming students.  They are fabulous and I would love to continue to post pictures all the way up to Orientation.  So dig through your archives you incoming students and send us your pictures as described here.


The first photos were submitted by Jennifer Wilmore, an incoming MIA student.


Mursi Boy – This photo was taken in 2009 near a Mursi village in the Omo valley of southwestern Ethiopia.  Just as I was leaving, the boy in the foreground asked me to take his picture.  I think it turned out to be an interesting shot because beyond the boy’s face in the mirror you can also see the reflection of a woman whose lower lip is cut in order to wear the pottery lip-plate characteristic of Mursi women.

Mursi Boy_JWilmore

Boys in Window – This photo was taken in 2008 during play time at a primary school in the Pallisa district of northeastern Uganda.

Boys in Window

“Me in Kichwamba” – My friend took this photo of me in 2009 during a visit to a primary school in the village of Kichwamba in the mountains of western Uganda.

Me in Kichwamba_bw___________________________

The second set of pictures was submitted by Fabian Suwanprateep, see below for details on degree program.


Attached three pictures which I have taken during my internship with the UN World Food Programme in 2007/2008 in Madagascar.  I am German-Thai dual degree student from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and I am will do my MIA at SIPA.

Little boy: in Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo, malnourished children receive food aid in a supplementary feeding center.


Group of villagers: In Manakara, a group of people who participate in the “Food for Work” project are gathering at a food distribution side to receive their rations.

MAG_200712_WFP_Fabian_Suwanprateep_277 copy

Old Couple: I took this picture in Tangainony, at the South East coast of Madagascar. The people in this remote town are facing tuberculosis and leprosy. Supplementary to government sponsored medical treatment, WFP is providing them with food aid.