SIPA News – Are You In?

SIPA students have many opportunities to get involved in activities related to their studies, including the opportunity to publish in SIPA News and The Journal of International Affairs.  The staff of SIPA News asked me to outreach to incoming SIPA students that might be interested in submitting an article for consideration.  Please see the message below and if you are interested, contact the individuals noted below.

You can find previous copies of SIPA news for viewing here.


Dear Member of the SIPA Class of 2012,

On behalf of the staff of SIPA News, welcome to SIPA!

SIPA News is a semi-annual magazine written by students, alumni, and faculty and distributed to the global SIPA community. Our fall issue will be on the topic of water. Water is considered by many to be the new oil: from prospective conflicts in the Middle East to its role in sustainable development to floodwater in the United States, this topic touches on many fields and is truly global in scope.

Where do SIPA students stand on the issues surrounding water and what perspectives can they offer on how water resources contribute to development, trigger conflicts or natural disasters, and transform cultural practices?  What are the most critical issues that water is raising today?

We welcome contributions from all SIPA students, with a premium on first-hand reporting.  SIPA News would like to take its readers into small towns suffering from droughts, bring attention to innovative water development projects, or give them a front row seat in the debate about water-sharing policies. We’re looking for colorful stories about real people.

If you’d like to write for us, please send your proposals by Friday, July 16. Proposals should be at least one full paragraph and be representative of your writing. Clips are also welcome.  We need your feature stories (around 1000 words), shorter articles, and photos.  Final drafts of all submissions must be received by September 15.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Whitney Eulich (
Marie O’Reilly (

SIPA News co-editors