Best Public Service Annoucement Scholarship Video Contest

A graduate of Columbia College who works for the company below passed along an opportunity to earn a scholarship for a video related to public service.  I confirmed that it is open to graduate students.  If you decide to enter, feel free to share your video with the Admissions Office as well.  Simply email us a link to your YouTube video.


Indigo Productions Scholarship
$1,000 scholarship award for best
video Public Service Announcement

Indigo Productions, a New York City video production company, invites Columbia students to compete in a scholarship contest which will be awarded to the student or group of students who create the most original and effective video PSA (Public Service Announcement).

First prize: $1,000
Second prize: $500
Deadline: September 15, 2010
Eligibility: Contestants must be students attending an accredited college or university in the continental U.S. at any point during 2010.
Length: Video can be up to 2 minutes long
Subject matter: Any health or safety issue that is of importance to the public (e.g. obesity, addictions, STDs, school bullying).

“We are looking for edgy and original approaches that capture people’s imagination,” says Max Rosen, President and Founder of Indigo Productions (CC ‘84)

To enter, simply upload your finished PSA video to YouTube and fill out the form below.

All videos will be judged by a panel of professionals selected by Indigo based on 5 criteria: Concept, Creativity, Execution, Artistic merit, and Viral potential.  The winning student or group will be announced on October 15, 2010.

To apply for the scholarship, please visit:

For information about Indigo’s Viral Video Production Workshop at New York University, please visit: Classes run 4 consecutive Sunday’s starting September 26th.