New Student Photo Series 2010 – Entry #7

Thank you to all of the new students that have been sending in photos.  It can take me a bit to catch up as they come in so thanks for your patience.  For new students that want to contribute, please see this entry for instructions.


The first group of photos were take and submitted by Bhuvan Jain, an incoming MIA student.


This picture was shot in New Delhi using a roll camera in the summer of 2007. The man in the ‘rickshaw’, a popular form of public transport in India, was taking an afternoon nap. Temperatures in summer tend to go above 40 degrees celsius sometimes! (108 farhenheit).


I caught these two kids playing in the coracle while cycling around Hampi, once the capital of a glorious ancient kingdom in India, and now a town in ruins. Though these coracles are made out of woven grasses, reeds, or saplings covered with hides, I have seen them carry everything, from heavyweight machinery equipment to motorbikes!


This picture was clicked in a cafe in Munnar, a hill station in Southern India which is full of tea gardens. I liked how the tree got reflected in the glass and thought it would make a good picture.


This second photo was submitted by Paula Cerutti, an incoming MIA student.