SIPA News – Migration and Displacement

The latest issue of SIPA News is now available.  The magazine is published twice per year and features articles written by students and faculty at SIPA.  New students are welcome to become involved in publishing articles and information on getting involved will be made available through our summer email series.  The topic for this issue is migration and displacement and the following are just a few of the articles:

  • Leaving the Sundarbans:  Environmental Migration in South Asia
  • Iraqis in Exile:  Saving a Generation of Scholars
  • North Koreans on the Move:  The Failure of International Policies
  • Children of Migrant Workers in China:  Innocent Victims of Economic Development
  • Dreams on Hold:  Thousands of Immigrant Students in the United States Face an Uncertain Educational Future

The full magazine is available for viewing as a PDF by clicking here.  All previous issues of SIPA News can also be viewed on line by clicking here.