New Student Photo Series 2010 – Entry #1

Today the blog kicks of the second annual new student summer photo series.  We welcome recently admitted students to submit photos and details about how to do so and what to include an be found in this entry.

The first set of photos come from Zhang Bingyuan, an incoming MIA student from China.


The first photo shows my home in Suzhou city in the province of Jiangsu. It’s a very traditional Chinese garden and we raise lots of fishes in the pool. They often get mad about food, which is shown in the second photo.



This photo is my aunt Yuan Aihong. She is a Beijing Opera singer and that was her performing Drunken Yang Guifei, a renowned beauty of the Tang dynasty.



The next photo comes from Karin Vazquez, an incoming MIA student that will focus in Economic and Political Development.  Her comments are below.


Just like you, one day I will devote some time to taking photography classes. In the meantime I would be glad to share the photo attached with other SIPA students. Believe it or not, it was taken by accident during my honeymoon trip to Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) last year. I was trying to focus the road sign when the poor little boy came up to the car window begging for money.

A quick note: in Boznia-Herzegovina road signs are in both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. Due to the continuing ethnic disputes, however, the cyrillic scripts in the road signs close to the country’s border with Croatia are all spray-painted out. The opposite happens in the border with Serbia, where the Latin scripts in road signs are covered with spray-paint. Reconciliation is clearly another generation or two away.

Begginer’s luck or human tragedy? I would say both, unfortunately.



And the final photo today comes from Anoushavan Hambardzoumyan, an incoming MPA student.


This photo taken by me at the central Armenian village of Bazmaberd. The man in the photo is a worker at the local stone-cutting factory. The photo was taken in 2009.