Summer Email Series Up and Running

I am happy to announce, as most admitted students probably already know by now, that our summer email series is officially up and running.  The Student Affairs Office (SAO) will be sending emails each Thursday throughout the summer on different topics and the first messages went out yesterday.  Here are a few things you should be aware of.

First, the emails sent during the summer will be sent to both the email address listed in your admission application and to your Columbia email account (UNI is the acronym we use to describe your Columbia email address).  Do note that once you arrive on campus all official Columbia communications will only be sent to your UNI.  It is easy to forward your UNI email to a personal account so you might want to look into this prior to your arrival if you wish to continue to use your personal account as your primary point of contact during your time at SIPA.  Forwarding is pretty easy and here are some general instructions:

  • Log in to your UNI account here:
  • The next screen you see will have a link labeled “Email Forwarding” – click on that
  • You will be asked to enter your UNI and password a second time
  • On the next screen you see click on the “Forward” option and follow the instructions

Second, if you have questions about your UNI account, please contact Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT).  CUIT is the university department responsible for managing university email accounts. If you encounter any difficulty in creating your email account, please contact For more information about the services that CUIT provides, as well as recommendations for getting started at Columbia via our on-line resources, please refer to the following site:

Third, two emails were sent yesterday.  There was an introductory message as well as a message pertaining to the summer math tutorial.  If you are an admitted student that has paid a deposit to confirm your space and you did not get these emails please send a message to so we can investigate. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  MPA-DP admitted applicants were not sent the math tutorial email because MPA-DP students report to campus earlier than MIA and MPA students and participate in a specialized orientation that includes math review.

Finally, all of the messages that are sent during the summer will be cataloged on the Welcome Page referenced in your admission letter.  So if you are in doubt about what has been sent you may always log in to the Welcome Page to view PDF documents of what has been sent.  The documents are listed on the bottom of the Welcome Page.

Thank you and please read the emails carefully as they contain important information about your enrollment and will help to ensure that your transition to SIPA is a smooth one.