Very soon those that have paid deposits to enroll will start to receive communications from our Student Affairs Office, or SAO.  SAO is the main office responsible for helping to shepherd students during their time at SIPA.  Among other things SAO is where you go to register for classes, set up language tests, set up a student group, or apply for second year fellowship funding.

You could say that SAO is the administrative hub of the building for students.  Students of course work with faculty, the plethora of institutes and centers in our building, and staff members like those in our library, but the SAO Office is the place where everything comes together.

SAO will help to coordinate a summer email series so that each week you will get important information about your first year at SIPA.  These emails will likely kick off with a notice about our summer math tutorial.  Achieving a good GPA in your first year is important for second year fellowship consideration and the first year does have many quantitative requirements.  Thus the math tutorial will help to make sure you get started on the right foot.  A host of other topics will follow including information about billing, career services, health insurance, orientation, etc.

So stay tuned to both this blog as well as to your email in box as we continue to busy ourselves with making sure you are as prepared as possible for the fall.