New Student Photo Series

I am always intrigued, fascinated, and impressed by the breadth of experience of those in our applicant pool each year.  People from all over the world doing all sorts of things make up the SIPA applicant pool.  When reading applications I constantly try to conjure up images in my head of some of the experiences that applicants describe in their applications.

Last year I came up with a way for admitted applicants to put some of their experiences, and artistic side, on display.  On the blog last summer I featured our first ever New Student Photo Series.  This allowed not only me to have a window into the world of our applicants, it allowed our applicants to learn something about their future classmates before arriving the in fall.

So for now consider this a entry “heads up.”  In about a month I will put out a call to new students to submit pictures for posting on the blog over the summer.  With this in mind, think about photos you would like to share and start looking through shoe boxes of old photos . . . I probably just dated myself there.  I should probably have said, start clicking through your digital archives.

To whet your appetite, here are a few of my favorite photos submitted by the students that joined us last fall.