Message Board and Admitted Student Day

The admitted student Message Board is now live.  Today I sent all admitted applicants an email with details and the same information is also detailed on the Welcome Page referenced in the admission letter.  Applicants who receive an admission letter going forward will be able to view the instructions for logging in to the Message Board on the Welcome Page.

I do wish to stress the importance of reading the instructions carefully prior to registering.  You will need to register and once you have, you will receive an email message with a confirmation link.  You will not be able to participate until you have checked your email and clicked on the confirmation link.  All of this is detailed in the instructions.

Also, as a reminder, admitted applicants can also register for Admitted Student Day scheduled for Tuesday, April 13th.  Information on registration is contained in Welcome Page referenced in admission letters.  Admitted Student Day is open to admitted students (we are unable to accommodate guests) and registration is required.