Fellowship Opportunity for New Admits: Fall 2010-Spring 2011

Last year a newly admitted follower of this blog won the following award – I hope for repeat performance this year.  Deadline to apply is April 15, 2010.


The Fund for Global Environment and Conflict Resolution, The Center for International Conflict Resolution and The Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Masters Fellows: Fall 2010-Spring 2011


The fellowships for Masters students will be awarded to two, incoming and/or current students from the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University who have demonstrated excellence in the fields of conflict prevention, conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction, sustainable development, security and the global environment.

The Fellowship is open to incoming and current SIPA graduate students and will be for two full semesters; the fellowship is designed to foster new scholarly experts in the following countries or regions: Italy, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Peru, Colombia, China, the Middle East, and/or North Africa; therefore, preference will be given to applicants from the foregoing countries or regions.

All applicants should submit their candidature by 15 April 2010. The decision will be undertaken by a selection committee at CICR, and will be announced in July. All decisions are final, and applications received after the 15 April 2010 will not be accepted.

The research work of the selected fellows will involve 10-15 hours of work per week at CICR. The research will revolve around lessons learned and best practices regarding environmental concerns and the role of climate change in three specific fields with various geographical areas of focus:

  • Conflict prevention and control in areas where current tensions indicate the potential for conflict, specifically China, the Middle East, and North Africa
  • Conflict resolution with respect to conflict and post-conflict areas, specifically the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Peru and Colombia.
  • International security in general in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Peru, Colombia, China, the Middle East, and/or North Africa.

The Fellows will be awarded $9,000 towards their university fees each semester and a stipend of $500 per month over the course of the academic year (nine months), and will be known as an “Empedocle Maffia Fellows”.

Application Process

A successful application will include:

I. A completed application form (to be provided).

II. 500-800 word essay detailing candidate’s motivation for applying to the Global Fund for Environment and Conflict Resolution at CICR.

III. Current CV/Resume and copy of passport and visa where appropriate.

IV. Minimum one, maximum three recommendation letter(s).

The applications should be sent when fully completed to CICR’s Assistant Director, Josie Lianna Kaye at CICRapplications@columbia.edu with the title GECR: Masters Candidate.

Masters Fellows 2010 Application Link