Time Line for Fall 2010 Admission

The Admissions Committee continues to read/review at a fast and furious pace and no, decisions have not started to be posted to the system yet.  As a reminder, you will receive an email from us when your decision is ready to be viewed on the application Web site.  We cannot provide estimates on when individual decisions will be published and not all decisions are published at the same time.

I did want to provide a quick overview of the time line that will follow the release of admission decisions.  Applicants admitted to SIPA should be aware of the following information.

Starting on March 22 the Admissions Office will host an internet message board that will allow admitted applicants to interact with one another and with current students.   SIPA students will be taking a spring break from March 15th to 19th and we will have the board up after their return.  Details will be sent to admitted students once the board is activated.

Second, SIPA will host an Admitted Student Day on Tuesday, April 13th.  Admitted Student Day will take place on the Columbia Campus and it will be a full day event.  Professor Jeff Sachs will be giving a special talk during the lunch portion of Admitted Student Day.

Third, May 3rd is the date by which admitted students must pay a deposit confirming enrollment for fall 2010.  In earlier communications I had noted the date would be May 1st, but since May 1st falls on a Saturday we moved the response date to the next business day, Monday.

Fourth, a series of communications will be sent to admitted applicants and these messages will come from the sipa_admission@columbia.edu address.  Please ensure that your email client is set to receive messages from this account.  Faculty, current students, administrators, and alumni will all be included in the communication chain.

Fifth, if you are admitted you will need to ensure that official academic transcripts and official test reports are in our office no later than June 15th.  We will work with admitted applicants to determine if official copies of these documents were already provided to us during the application process.

Last, unfortunately applicants placed on the waitlist are unable to participate in admission related activities until an admission offer is made.  More details regarding the waitlist will be published on this blog in the future.  We will begin to “work” the waitlist in April and this process will often continue into the summer.

For admitted applicants, specific details on all of the above information, and many other topics, will be available on a Welcome Page that is referenced in the admission letter.

Thank you for your attention . . . now back to Committee meetings . . .