Alumni Information

I was recently speaking with our Director of Alumni Relations about some various topics and she said she was working on a short list of notable alumni for a project.  I asked for a copy and she was happy to pass it along.

SIPA has over 16,000 alumni living in 150 countries around the world – an incredibly powerful networking tool for students and graduates.  The list below is divided by concentration area.


Madeleine K. Albright (Certificate ’68), Former U.S. Secretary of State; Principal, The Albright Group LLC

Victor Cha (MIA ’88), Former Director for Asian Affairs, National Security Council; Associate Professor of Government and D.S. Song-Korea Foundation Chair, Georgetown University

Daniel Fried (MIA ’77), Assistant Secretary, European and Eurasian Affairs, U.S. Dept. of State; Former U.S. Ambassador to Poland

Francesco Mancini (MIA ’03), Associate, International Peace Institute

George Tenet (MIA ’78), Former Director, CIA; Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy, Georgetown University


Frederick Abrahams (MIA ’95), Senior Researcher, Human Rights Watch

Scott Campbell (MIA ’95), Executive Director, Elton John AIDS Foundation

Malika Dutt (MIA ’86), Executive Director and Founder of Breakthrough: Building Human Rights Culture. Malika testified before the House Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight, along with actress Nicole Kidman, UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador. Their testimony was to encourage passage of the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA), which seeks to ensure that the fundamental right to live a life free from violence can become a reality for the world’s women.

Priscilla Hayner (MIA ’93), Director, Peace and Justice Program; Director, Geneva Office, International Center for Transitional Justice

Judy Cheng-Hopkins (MIA ’78), Assistant High Commissioner, UNHCR Geneva

Rochelle Fortier Nwadibia (MIA ’82), Attorney at Law. Rochelle has won two major cases in asylum law, one of which, Mohammed v. Gonzales, is “the leading federal appellate case” on female genital mutilation as grounds for asylum. Her second major refugee case was Ndom v. Ashcroft, where Rochelle successfully petitioned for asylum for a Senegalese man fleeing political persecution. Both these cases “are positioned quite prominently in global refugee law,” notes Nwadibia. “Foreign courts are citing our courts in taking the lead in these cases.”

Ana Cutter Patel (MIA ’98), Deputy Director, International Policymakers, International Center for Transitional Justice


Christian Deseglise (MIA ’90), Managing Director-Global Head of Emerging Markets, HSBC Global Asset Management

Kirstin Frivold (EMPA ’03), Vice President, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Jong-ho Kyun (MIA ’00), Deputy Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of South Korea

James Leitner (MIA ’77), President, Falcon Management Corporation

Bart Oostervled (MIA ’97), Senior Vice President, Moody’s Project Infrastructure


Anna Giovinetto (MIA ’02), Vice President, Public Affairs, Noble Environmental Power

Lloyd Kass (MPA ’98), Director of Energy Department, NYC Housing Authority

Kedin Kilgore (MPA ’95), Head, Global Environmental Markets, JP Morgan Chase

Marcus Tripp (MIA ’99), Vice President, Business Development, Exxon Mobil, Libya, Ltd.

Qian Wang (ESP-MPA ’03), Deputy Director, State Environmental Protection Administration, Beijing


Andrea S. Camoens (MIA ’97), Manager of Emerging Markets Group.

John Melone Deidrick (MIA’ 85), Country Representative, Cambodia, Population Services International.

John Lockwood (MIA ’97), Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity New York.

Monique Pierre-Antoine (PEPM ’94), Chief of the Poverty Unit, UNDP, Haiti.

Karen Paulina Poniachik (MIA ’90), Chile’s Special Envoy to the OECD


Alisa Blum (MPA ’00), Manager of Field Operations, National League of Cities’ Center for Federal Relations

Diana Bruce (MPA ’97), Director of Policy and Government Affairs, AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth and Families

Neil Hernandez (MPA ’98), Commissioner, Department of Juvenile Justice

Diego Andres Molano (MPA ’00), CEO, Water and Sanitation Company, Bogota, Colombia

David Saltzman (MPA ’86) Executive Director, Robin Hood Foundation